January 19, 2017

Site Location

The Monte Curcio CNR-IIA station is a Climatic-Environmental Observatory  located in a strategic and isolated position within the Sila Grande area, one of the main three areas making-up the Sila National Park, which is officially recognized, since June 2014, as the Tenth Reserve of Italian Biosphere.

It is characterized  by no local sources of contamination and no access by road and it is 200 m from a ski resort and from the cable car arrival point of the surrounding ski area. The operative station is situated at 1780 m a.s.l. on a southern Appenine mountain peak with completely free horizon, thus allowing to gain atmospheric monitoring measurements with a large spatial representativeness.

It is interestingly placed on the middle of the Mediterranean basin, around 30 and 60 km from the Tyrrenian and the Ionian Sea, respectively.

Due to its elevation and position, the Mt. Curcio station is even able to intercept dust plumes from the Saharan desert as well as volcanic ashes and gases from Stromboli and Mt. Etna volcanoes, located at around 120 km south-easterly and 220 km south-south easterly from the atmospheric monitoring site, respectively.